A non-profit organization dedicated to the performance,
promotion and preservation of traditional jazz.

San Jose Summer Fest 2016

South Bay Traditional Jazz Society sponsored a band in this year's Summer Fest on Sunday Evening of the festival on the Gordon Biersch Stage.
Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band did a fantastic job of presenting traditional jazz to an audience that was largely unfamiliar with the style.
The response, as you will see in this short video was overwhelmingly enthusiastic!


Next Generation Second Line

In addition to Clint's band, two bands played traditional jazz on the street on Saturday afternoon as part of the festival's "buskers."
The South Bay Traditional Jazz Band (made up of some of our regular jammers) played the 12 - 3 pm set:

Pictured above (first row): Philip Rice -- trombone; Don Abel -- cornet; Dick Williams -- cornet; Lyle Gillison -- reeds;
(in back): Verlene Schermer -- tenor banjo; Zach Maher -- Tuba (and not pictured, Carlos Tahmazian -- washboard)

And the Rhythm Street Applejacks had the 5 pm slot (photos by Don Abel):